Our teeth go through a lot every day, and there are some foods and drinks which cause extra wear and tear on your smile. Here are the top things to avoid eating to keep your teeth happy and your smile sparkling:

Woman smiling revealing white polished teeth

1. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits contain a large amount of acidic content, which wears away at your enamel and can cause your teeth to look yellow over time. On the other hand, dried fruits can be good sources of fibre, which promotes the production of saliva, creating a mineral defence against tooth decay.

2. Coffee

Coffee can be an efficient way of waking you up, but it is also incredibly effective at staining and discolouring your teeth. Try avoiding coffee where possible, and when you do have it, drink it quickly, rather than over a sustained period of time, and follow it up with a quick brush.

3. Soda

Another drink to avoid is soda, due to the high quantities of both acid and sugar. This can cause lots of damage to your teeth. For an alternative delicious drink, add your favourite fruits to water for natural flavouring.

4. Sweets

Sugar is the ultimate promoter of tooth decay, so best to avoid those sweet treats if you want to keep that perfect smile. The worst sweets are those that involve sucking and are consumed over an extended period of time, such as lollipops, as this increases the extent to which your teeth are exposed to the harmful sugars.

Lolopops in jar on wooden table

5. Refined Carbohydrates

Foods made from white flour are all simple carbohydrates that can linger in your mouth and break down into simple sugars over time. Bacteria can then feed on these sugars and produce acid, which causes tooth decay. For a healthier smile, consider switching to brown bread and wholewheat pasta.

It can obviously be tough to avoid everything on the list, so for the ultimate smile, contact Bay Dental and book an enlighten teeth whitening today with the best dentist in Lancaster. This safe and effective treatment ensures that you can still enjoy all your favourite drinks and sugary snacks, and smile brightly while doing so!

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