Dental check ups

At your initial appointment, your dentist in Lancaster will carry out an extensive examination in which your full oral health will be assessed including periodontal (gum) checks and oral cancer checks, (this is where all the soft tissues in your mouth are examined for abnormalities). Your dentist will also examine each tooth and existing restorations for decay. If you are a denture wearer the function and fit of your denture will also be examined. In addition, your dentist will usually take radiographs (x-rays) of your back teeth to check your bone levels and for signs of decay not visible by direct vision in the mouth.

At the practice a treatment plan will then be formulated by your dentist in Lancaster at which point you will be advised of what dental treatments are necessary to make you ‘dentally fit’ and the probable cost. If you wish to proceed with the treatment plan you will need to arrange any further appointments with our reception team.

Once dentally fit all our patients are assessed for Denplan, which is a monthly payment scheme making it easier to spread the cost of your future dental treatments, and helping to avoid large bills. Your monthly fee is assessed on your previous dental history and you will be placed in 1 of 5 bands currently ranging from £18.55 – £55.35 per month.

What are the benefits of regular check ups?

The health of your teeth is invaluable, and prevention is better than treatment further down the line. Regular check ups give your dentist the opportunity to halt any signs of gum disease or tooth decay and work with you to keep your smile fresh and bright, now and in the future. Routinely examining your smile can identify problems early.

Check ups help to

  • Prevent gum disease and mouth cancer
  • Maintain good oral health
  • Prevent halitosis (bad breath)
  • Retain your teeth
  • Keep a whiter, brighter smile

If you’re looking for a dentist in Lancaster and require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Bay Dental on 01524 32639 and ask any member of our dental team.

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