Bay Dental first opened as a family practice and dentist in Lancaster in 1925 when Thomas Millett purchased the property. The surgery was originally on the ground floor with the waiting room at the front of the premises, and the surgery to the rear. Upstairs was living accommodation for Thomas Millett’s mother.

Thomas Millet died in 1930 and his son John Millett took over the practice shortly after the Second World War. In-between times the practice was run by a series of locums.

The practice was moved upstairs sometime in the late 1940’s where John Millett practiced on his own until he took on Gary Helliwell as a partner in the 1950’s. The practice then grew when Mr Dunn became a partner in 1972. Mr Lester joined in 1980 followed by Mr Humphreys and Mr Entwistle who joined in 1985 later followed by Mr Brickles who joined in 2007.

After the dental practice moved upstairs, the ground floor was let firstly to the Nationwide Building Society then later to Lawson’s toy shop. More recently after many trading years Lawson’s closed and is now let to an independent retailer.

The famous Lawson’s rocking horse still resides above number 8 New Street.

Today Bay Dental is run by principals Mr Neil Entwistle and Mr Mark Brickles with Mr Shezhad Hameed as an associate. While the property still remains in the Millett family to this day.

If you require further information about the services from a private dentist in Lancaster, please do not hesitate to contact Bay Dental and ask any member of our dental team.