Private Fees List 

Initial Exam (exc X-rays) £45.00
Scale and Polish £45.00
Radiographs (each) £10.00
Silver Fillings From £79.00
Composite Fillings From £85.00
Crowns From £509.00
Veneers From £479.00
Extractions From £79.00
Bridge From £509
White Dental Beauty Teeth Whitening (both arches) £249.00
Enlighten Teeth Whitening (both arches) £399.00
Failure to attend From £29
Root fillings From £319.00 – £759.00


Private Dentures

Acrylic F/F £909.00
F/- -/F £559.00
Partial Acrylic 1-3 teeth on From £479.00

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