Here at Bay Dental, we are always looking for new ways we can help our customers achieve a perfect smile! Our number one priority is making sure our customers are happy and that means making our cosmetic dentistry procedures affordable!

Teeth whitening is one of Bay Dental’s most popular services, so we have decided to make it even more exciting and give both our existing customers and new customers a sparkling new offer. With Christmas just around the corner, a bright white smile could be crossed off the wish list. Want to know more?

                   ONLY £249!

Perfect Timing

We do offer teeth whitening procedures the entire year-round, however, we thought we would brighten up your festive season a little more. The months of relaxing in the house with cups of coffee and treats are upon us, especially as we draw nearer to Christmas celebrations. Halloween brings plenty of sticky treats and Christmas is bound to bring mince pies and a tipple or two – all which aren’t great for your teeth. What better time to treat your teeth?

Women with white smiles dressed in Christmas apparel

What is the Deal?

We are offering our Enlighten teeth whitening for £249 until Christmas time. A huge saving of £150 off the regular price of £399.

So, whether you’ve been a customer of ours for years, or you simply want a new and improved smile, you can get this amazing deal!

This is a great price, especially for the priceless results which you will receive.

That’s plenty of saving for more Christmas presents, or maybe more festive goodies! It’s Christmas after all, why not treat yourself?

What Does the Treatment Include?

The Enlighten treatment involves three visits to the Bay Dental clinic in Lancaster and an additional treatment period at home. There are 3 simple steps to the procedure:

  1. The dentist will take impressions of your teeth for the dental lab to create customised whitening trays specifically for your teeth.
  2. The dentist will test the trays fit snuggly and you will be able to wear the whitening trays. Don’t worry, as we will show you how to apply the gel into the trays. You will need to wear the teeth whitening trays overnight for approximately two weeks.
  3. At the end of the two-week home treatment, you will then return to our clinic and undergo final clinical photos and a shade match.

At the end of a simple two-week procedure, your teeth can be whitened by up to 6-8 shades!


If you are ready for a Christmas treat, for you and your teeth, simply get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about our fantastic offer!



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