Many people around the world are terrified of visiting the dentist and although there are many reasons why a fear of a dental visit can occur, they aren’t always what you think.

When visiting Bay Dental, our dentists in Lancaster aim to put our patients at ease from the moment they enter the treatment room, but what if their fears aren’t directly linked with the treatment itself?

We have listed a few reasons that people may dislike attending their dental appointment so that any of our readers who suffer from these fears know that they aren’t alone or strange for feeling this way.

Invasion of Personal Space

The nature of a dental examination means that your dentist will have to be in close proximity to your body in order to carry out their treatments.

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For many people, this invasion of their personal space can feel too overwhelming, especially as you aren’t in control of the examination that is happening in your mouth. This can be extremely distressing and can embarrass a lot of people, but it is one of the main causes of dental phobia.

Not Being Able to Breathe

Having patients who hold their breath when undergoing treatment is a common issue that dentists come up against every day.

However, there is no need to hold your breath or focus on your breathing during any examination or treatment; this will only make the you more nervous and anxious.

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Many people feel like they lose control of their breathing when attending an examination, and naturally this is quite a distressing thought. As the dentist is working in the mouth, this can exacerbate the issue and cause more distress.

Learning the Fear

Images of many medical professions are plastered all over our screens, so it’s not uncommon for children to become scared simply by watching dental procedures on the TV.

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Humans are also extremely observant and often pick up habits from watching other people and how they react. If you are scared of the dentist and have a child, don’t be surprised if they pick up on your fear and act the same way when you take them to their own dental appointment.

Negative Memories

For many people, their fears stem from past experiences in the examination chair. These negative memories can have a massive impact on the motivation to attend even a check-up, especially when there have been bad, painful experiences in the past.

Even the smell and sounds of a dental surgery can be enough to trigger this response. Sensory triggers are incredibly powerful as they are present before the patient even enters the treatment room.

We want to make sure that as many people as possible feel at ease when they come to our practice, even if it is simply for a check-up. Our dentists have dealt with people who have a dental phobia before, and understand that not everyone has had a good experience in the past.. but we want to change that and help you overcome your fears.

If you are looking for a dental surgery that will accommodate for your dental phobias and anxieties, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Bay Dental by calling us on 01524 32639 where a member of our friendly team will be happy to discuss your enquiries with you.

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