Here at Bay Dental, we’re proud to support Denplan; not only is this a fantastic payment plan for our patients to get involved with, but it ensures that our dentists can give you the best possible care, too!

However, not everyone knows about the benefits of Denplan – or even that it exists! We get a lot of questions about the Denplan payment schemes, so we’ve decided to answer some of the most common right here on our blog!


Are There Any Benefits for Me?

One of the main questions that we get asked straight away when we mention that we support Denplan is “what benefits does it have for me?”. We can definitely understand that it can be confusing to many people, especially when the payment plan can just seem like a subscription dental service.


However, applying to be a Denplan patient brings with it a variety of benefits that are available to you immediately.

Firstly, we understand that dental treatments and check-ups can become costly, especially if you have a lot of work that you need to have done to keep your mouth healthy. With Denplan, you won’t need to pay outright for your treatment; instead, you’ll be able to spread the cost out of your dental care to make sure that it is more affordable for you.

You’ll also be covered for up to £10,000 worth of treatment should you incur a dental injury, as well as gaining access to Denplan’s 24-hour dental emergency helpline – no more waiting for your dentist to open the next day!

What Is Included In My Plan?

There are many different payment plans available which can help you adequately budget and cover for any dental treatment that you may need.

Each plan covers different things, but can be tailored to what you need by your Denplan professional.


Below are the Denplan payment plans that are available; you can find out more about them on the Denplan website.

  • Denplan Care
  • Denplan Essentials
  • Denplan Hygiene Plan
  • Plans for Children
  • Membership Plan
  • Denplan Emergency

Each of the above covers different aspects of your dental care, so it’s important to talk through your expectations and needs with your Denplan dentist to help you find the perfect plan for you.

Can I See Any Dentist?

Being a Denplan patient means that you will be assigned a dentist who will oversee all your treatment from start to finish. This means that you’ll always have someone working with you who knows your situation and needs, as opposed to a different dentist every time.

Skillful young female dentist is treating human teeth

This gives you a much more personal experience, and it helps keep you at ease if you know exactly who you will see when you come and visit us.

Should you move away from the area and are no longer able to visit your designated Denplan dentist, you can change who you see; the Denplan website has a whole page dedicated to how to change your dentist without losing the benefits of your membership.

It is worth noting that your fees may change when you change dentists, as fees are set by the dentists themselves. Although it’s nothing to be actively worried about, it’s just something to keep in mind.

Here at Bay Dental, we’re extremely proud of being able to support patients who opt for a more affordable way to pay for their treatment. If you’d like to have a chat about Denplan and possibly becoming a member, or even just want to know more about what Bay Dental can do for your oral health, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today – we’ll be more than happy to help!

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