While we all want beautiful, pearly-white teeth, it’s guaranteed that you’ve always wondered whether teeth whitening is actually safe.

There are so many horror stories out there on the internet, especially when it comes to home whitening kits, but we’re here to assure you that the procedures that we use here at Bay Dental are completely safe – and more importantly can help you achieve those sparkling white teeth!


Does It Depend on the Method?

Tooth whitening is a very broad range of treatments in the cosmetic dentistry world, and there are a wide variety of different treatments which all aim to lighten the shade of a person’s teeth. There’s whitening trays, laser, UV, whitening toothpastes, and whitening strips that can help reduce the amount of staining on the teeth.

However, each of the procedures or treatments will come with precautions to follow, with many relying on these being followed to simply ensure that the treatment works properly and doesn’t leave you with a result that is uneven.


At Bay Dental, we specialise in using the Enlighten treatment to help our patients get the best possible results. We’ve spent years researching and trialling whitening options, and found that Enlighten not only showed the best results, but wasn’t as harsh on the teeth either.

What About Home Kits?

You’ve probably seen the home whitening kits lining the shelves of the oral health section at various supermarkets and health and beauty shops, but do these give you anywhere near the same result as the procedures you can undergo at the dentist?

Girl With Teeth Image

The short answer is no, simply because the only reason these kits are available for you to buy is that they meet the requirements set out by the British Dental Association of containing 0.1% hydrogen peroxide.

It’s probably worth knowing that dentists are legally allowed to use up to 6% hydrogen peroxide – so the results definitely won’t come anywhere near as perfect as a dental surgery will be able to achieve.

With a dental surgeon, you’ll also be advised on how to go about your home treatment in a way which is tailored to you and your requirements. The problem with these over-the-counter kits is that they are created to be generic and for everyone to use – professional whitening at a dental surgery will be carefully created to suit your mouth and the shade that you want to achieve in the safest way possible.

If you’re interested in seeing what our Enlighten treatment can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Bay Dental today – we’ll be happy to help! We even have evening and weekend appointments available!

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