We all want to make sure that our teeth stay healthy for as long as possible. Not only do most people want to avoid trips to the dentist for treatments such as fillings and crowns, most of us want our teeth to look great! We all know how sugary foods and drinks can be detrimental to the health of our teeth, but do you know about some of these surprising things?

close up of woman brushing her teeth

#1 – Not Drinking Enough Water

We don’t need to tell you that water is better than fizzy drinks for the health of your teeth, but you may not know what a lack of water can do. Water helps to keep your mouth hydrated which is important as a dry mouth is a perfect environment for bacteria which can cause damage to your teeth.

#2 – Chewing on Hard Items

Whether you chew your nails, pen lids or even the arms of your glasses, you could be damaging your teeth. Your teeth are not designed to be chewing on these items and it can cause chips, cracks and may even shift their alignment.

#3 – Bad Brushing Habits

We all know that we need to brush our teeth to keep them healthy, but are you brushing them right? You should avoid brushing your teeth immediately after eating as corrosive acids from your food may be driven into your teeth. It’s also important not to brush too hard. You might think that the more thorough you are, the better, but this is not always true. Brushing too hard could wear away at the protective layer of enamel and damage the gums.

Woman Brushing Teeth

#4 – Taking Chewable Vitamins

You may think that chewy vitamins are good for your health, but they may be killing your teeth. While they have plenty of good stuff in them, the chewable vitamins are packed full of sugar and will stick to your teeth. Vitamins are best taken in pill form if you want to avoid damaging your teeth.

#5 – Being Stressed

Stress isn’t good for health, but you may not have thought about how your teeth could be affected. Stress and anxiety can be linked to inflammation, which could be present in gums, as well as teeth grinding which can wear down and damage teeth.

There are many habits that can cause damage to your teeth, so if you’re worried about the health of your smile, make sure to get in touch with Bay Dental, dentist in Lancaster, by calling 01524 32639 today.

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