The effects of having your teeth whitened can be amazing; an improved smile and increased confidence being just two of these. However, teeth whitening will only last as long as you continue to take care of your teeth.

Because tooth enamel contains vast quantities of microscopic pores which expand immediately after the whitening process, the first 48 hours after the procedure are critical. Eating the wrong foods will affect the work you have had done, so here are the top three items to avoid in the first 48 hours after the process if you want to maintain your whiter, brighter teeth, as suggested by the Bay Dental experts.

1. Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee are some of the most common items which cause stained teeth in the first place, and therefore should definitely be avoided after teeth whitening. Food and drink particles can become trapped in the natural enamel pores of your teeth – if the trapped particles are naturally dark, this can lead to a darkening of the teeth and permanent stains. However, tea and coffee are almost daily essentials for most people, so if you need your cup of tea in the morning we would recommend drinking it quickly and through a straw, giving the liquid less time to remain in contact with your teeth.

Girl reading a book and drinking coffee at a cafe

2. Coloured Drinks

Much like tea and coffee, any colouring in drinks can easily be trapped in enamel pores. This applies to natural colouring too, not just synthetic colours. Most of these drinks have a high acidity level as well as high levels of sugar meaning they can easily bring back any stains removed from the teeth whitening process. It’s best to stick to water in those all-important first 48 hours after the process.

3. Dark Sauces 

Condiments like brown sauce, tomato sauce and soy sauce are also to be avoided. These sauces, like many others, are vinegar based which gives them a surprisingly high acidity level. This also means you should avoid putting malt vinegar on your chips, or balsamic vinegar on your salad for exactly the same reasons. White sauces are better, as they are lighter in colour, but they still contain high acidity levels, so we would suggest eating your pasta plain and avoiding curries altogether.

Dark sauces such as curry are also to be avoided after teeth whitening

If you need any advice on teeth whitening or any other oral hygiene process, our expert dentists at Bay Dental in Lancaster will be able to help. Please contact us on 01524 32639, email us at or pop in and see us at Bay Dental, 6 New Street, Lancaster, LA1 1EG

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