Our teeth are an important aspect of our everyday living, and a great set of teeth can really improve a person’s confidence, but, how much do you actually know about our teeth? Here at Bay Dental, we have compiled a list of five fascinating facts.

Girl holding Teeth Image in front of her mouth

Fact #1: Teeth Tell Stories About You

Your teeth can reveal a lot about you, such as how old you are, what you eat and drink, even where you may have lived, all from our teeth! Teeth carry clues about yourself, from your overall health to signs of any periods of stress you may have felt. Teeth are a lasting record of our personal history.

Fact #2: Cleaning Between Teeth is Important

Cleaning our teeth seems a simple task, but there are surfaces of our mouth which are just as important to clean. When we brush, we are easily able to reach the tops and sides of our teeth, but the surfaces between need properly cleaning too, as they make up a significant part of our tooth enamel. Cleaning between your teeth daily removes any food and bacteria which promotes healthy gums, and you can achieve this through flossing.

Close up of woman brushing her teeth

Fact #3: Every Tooth is Unique

Did you know that no two teeth are exactly the same shape and size? From the 20 baby teeth in your childhood to the 32 adult teeth, each tooth has its own unique profile, widely varying from person to person. So, when someone says you have a unique smile, you truly do.

Fact #4: People Have Cared for Teeth for Centuries

Do you know what the first toothbrushes were? Twigs were chewed and their frayed ends were used to cleanse teeth. Around 5,000 BC, Egyptians used crushed eggshells and ground animal hooves to clean and polish teeth. In the 1700s, a bone handle with boar bristles inserted into small holes and secured with wire was used to clean teeth. By the 1930s, modern toothbrushes with nylon bristles were used, and in 1954, the first electric toothbrush was introduced.

Fact #5: Teeth Blueprint is Present the Day You’re Born

When a baby is born, the crowns for their first 20 teeth are already in place below the gums, waiting for their time to come through. Throughout a person’s childhood, the crowns and roots of adult teeth are already forming underneath the baby teeth. This means the blueprint for your teeth is present the day you are born.

Little baby girl playing with teething toy

Teeth are a vital component of our body and it’s important to take great care of them, keeping them healthy and clean. If you have any queries regarding your teeth, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today at Bay Dental, your cosmetic dentist in Lancaster, by calling 01524 32639, and we will be happy to help.


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